he International Music Festival Valencia is now open to inscribe for 2013. From the 24th of April until the 30th of June. Students can present their application to participate in the IMFV2013 as well as for the Junior Academy, joining student concerts, listen to various concerts of the teachers and participate in all our musical activities


Inscription will only be valuable if the requirements have been accomplished and the registration form is completely filled in. Deadline of registration: 30th of June 2013. A maximum of 10 students per teacher
Registration procedure:

  1. Fill in registration form.
  2. Send recipe of bank transfer of registration fee scanned by email or send a copy by normal post to the Festival address below.

Contact e-mail:

Normal post: International Music Festival Valencia

Avenida les Penyetes 20B

46149 Gilet (Valencia) España

Deadline of registration: 25th of June 2013 The Festival will send a confirmation by email of student’s acceptance after having received the elements mentioned above.


Payment terms:

  • The deposit of the registration fee of 100 EU must be made to secure place.
  • Full payment of the course fee of 295 EUR for active students and for listeners 90 EUR must be made at the latest on the 25th of June 2013

Cancellation policy:

  • If participant cancels his registration before the registration deadline of the 25th of June, the deposit will be refunded after deduction of 50 EUR handling fee.
  • If registration is cancelled after the deadline of the 25th of June, no refund will be done.


Payment of registration fee and course fee has to be made only by bank transfer, under reference: “International Music Festival Valencia 2013″ and adding name of student.

  • Bank account number: 2038.6509.78.3000174446
  • Name account holder: Adrianus Van Dongen
  • IBAN : ES03.2038.6509.7830.0017.4446

General terms and conditions:

  • Each student has to bring his/her own medical and instrument insurance.
  • Each student brings his/her own music stand as well as the piano parts.
  • Students are requested to prepare their course repertoire.
  • Student agrees with the general terms and conditions of the 2013.
  • Student declares that ‘’International Music Festival Valencia 2013’’ may not be held liable for any personal injury or illness or damage to property that may occur during the festival week.

Postal address:

International Music Festival Valencia

Avenida les Penyetes 20B

46149 Gilet (Valencia)  Spain

Complete participation


Registration fee: 100,00 EUR

Active student: 295,00 EUR

TOTAL course fee: 395,00 EUR

Listener participation


Listener: 95,00 EUR



Registration form
Name   :
Surname   :
Email   :
Phone   :
Cell phone   :
Address   :
City   :
Province   :
ZIP Code   :
Country   :
2nd email   :
Date of birth   : dd/MM/yyyy
Sex   :
Parent / other relative   :
Instruments   :
Professor elected   :
How did you know about the festival?   :
Repertoire that you would like to study   :
Did you play chamber music before?   :
If the answer is yes, please make a list
of the repertoire performed in the previous 2 years   :
Authorization for the festival if you are under 18 years.Please send us per email (scanned) or normal Post the followling autorization signed by one of the parents or tutor:
1.- Name of the father / mother / legal tutor.
2.- As a parent or tutor I hereby authorize the participation at the International Music Festival Valencia 2013, which will be held in Valencia from the 1st untill the 10th of July 2013.
3.- Signing the authorization. By signing, you agree to the rules attached.