Junior Academy

International Music Festival Valencia Junior Academy


IMFV Junior Academy is an initiative taken by the Festival direction to support the musical development of those young talents who want to become a professional musician. Our team of teachers offers musical training during the entire year through instrumental as well as theory classes, in which all the aspects of technic, interpretation and style as well those of harmony and musical analyze are worked profoundly.

For those young students who are preparing themselves for auditions and competitions, we also offer classes of orchestral repertoire, using the audition lists of some major European orchestras as well as the well-known book Probespiel.

Our teaching staff will give advices on the adequate repertoire for each student regarding his individual level and possibilities. Imaginary auditions hold on stage and the use of audiovisual means will help the young musician to handle his nerves and  improve concentration as well as his visual image.

The Junior Academy will offer regular opportunities to their students to perform in emblematic places like the Clemente concert hall, the Benificencia hall and the concert hall of the Torrent Conservatory and thus gain experience in acting in front of a public.

We recognize the importance of a close collaboration between parents and teaching staff to help to establish a firm daily practicing schedule at home and therefore the Junior Academy organizes regular meetings between both parts.

We are fully aware off the rapid changes in the musical business, creating opportunities for those who understand the mechanism behind these changes and who are prepared to adjust their needs towards them. Therefore we support and advice our students in developing an individual web of professional contacts which will help to fully profit from these opportunities.

Contact:  IMFVJunior Academy

Artistic director: Adrian van Dongen

Phone: +34 639752537

Email: infoimfv@gmail.com